Frances Butt ITM

Alexander Technique

the study of thinking in relation to movement

This work is an exercise in finding out what thinking really is.

FM Alexander
Free Introductory Lesson


Would you like to raise your game? Move more easily? Think more clearly?


  • you’d like to improve your technique, e.g. in sports or music.
  • you wish you felt less stiff, sore and tired.
  • you’ve tried various therapies or exercises to no avail.
  • your recovery from an injury is going too slowly*.

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change.  Unlike any system of exercise, it’s about doing less - stopping doing things that are getting in your way - rather than trying to fix them by doing even more things, which may just exacerbate the problem.  Sounds like sense, doesn't it?   Yet, though we may want to change for the better, it’s not always so easy.  Here’s where I may be able to help.

With the Interactive Teaching Method you are helped to understand problems and work out solutions for yourself; which makes for real, deep, lasting, continual improvement.

If you’d like to know more, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I am a CNHC accredited teacher.
Under the Data Protection Act 1998 I am also ICO registered.

Alexander Technique can dramatically impact your life for the better. Until you experience this work first hand, it is hard to believe the benefit it can have on your life

Mary Shorten, ITM Alexander Technique Teacher

3 hour Introductory Workshop
Saturday 15th July, 2-5pm

Yateley Manor School,
Reading Road,
GU46 7UQ
To book, call 07714 028800
or email:

Talk: "The Alexander Technique and 'Right/Wrong' Thinking"

September 7th 7.30pm
Wessex Research Group Network
The Cheese & Grain
Market Yard
Frome BA11 1BE
To book, and ffi: http://www.wessexresearchgroup...
or call 01373 465848

With each year, I now end it happier than when I began it!