Frances Butt ITM

Alexander Technique

the study of thinking in relation to movement

This work is an exercise in finding out what thinking really is.

FM Alexander
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Does something you do, either in work or daily life, give you discomfort or difficulty?  Would you like to solve this problem and just get back on with what you want to be doing?  
Do you wish you felt less stiff, sore, tense and tired?
I can help.

Do you secretly wish you could conquer that constant or frequent edgy feeling?  Is your 'fight or flight response' overactive?  Does it get in the way of your being at your best at work?
I can help with that.

Is your recovery from an injury not going as well as you'd hoped*?
Perhaps you’ve tried all kinds of therapies and/or exercise regimes to find a solution; they haven’t eliminated the problem and you’re feeling understandably frustrated.
Yes, I can help.

Perhaps things have even got so bad that you find yourself staring nothing but a future of deterioration in the face.  I know all too well what that’s like.
I can help here too.

Maybe you'd simply like to find a way to improve at some music, sports or other technique.  
I'd be happy to explore that with you.

The Alexander Technique is an incredibly powerful tool for change.  Unlike any system of exercise, it’s about learning how to do less - to stop doing what's getting in your way, rather than trying to fix it by doing more on top (which often just exacerbates the problem).  Sounds like sense, doesn't it?   We'd all love to change for the better; but it’s not always so easy. 
Here's where I can help.

With the Interactive Teaching Method of teaching, I can help you to work out what your obstacles are and reason out solutions for yourself.  This makes for true, lasting and continual improvement. 

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Introductory lesson/workshop

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I am a CNHC accredited teacher, and I am ICO registered.

Frances is an empathic and wonderful teacher. She makes me think and question, and helps me reach the answers myself, with gentle prompting both by speech and touch. ITM Alexander Technique is a life long learning experience and I would recommend her as your teacher to guide you through. Thank you!

Hilary, RHS Gardener

Frances is a wonderful teacher. She’s friendly, helpful and very well trained in her profession. I’ve found every lesson with her to be enjoyable, educational and thought-provoking. I’d happily recommend her to anyone.

Danny Cox, Drummer and Drumming Teacher

3 Wednesdays in September...

How about a three-week mini adventure, learning how you can do less in order to achieve more? That’s right, you really can work LESS hard and get MORE done! The Alexander Technique is a mental skill set you carry around with you and apply to everything you do, making everything easier on yourself and helping you maintain a calmer, more relaxed state.

Numbers permitting, I will be conducting TWO unusual MINI THREE-WEEK TASTER COURSES of GROUP CLASSES on
SEPTEMBER 5TH, 12TH AND 19TH (all Wednesdays).
MORNING 10.30am or EVENING 7.30pm.
£75 per person.

A 3-week course is unusually short; but we will cover a LOT of ground and I'll be offering a little (very easy to digest) reading material for you to take away and think about, as well as experiencing the work for yourself in class. 

Why only 3 weeks? Well, two reasons: 
One - 3 weeks is quite a nice manageable chunk of time for people to commit to; and
Two - I'm having surgery at the end of September and I'll be out of action for a good couple of months after this!