Frances Butt ITM

Alexander Technique

the study of thinking in relation to movement

This work is an exercise in finding out what thinking really is.

FM Alexander
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Does something you do, either in work or daily life, cause you discomfort or difficulty?  Would you like to solve this problem and just get back on with what you want to be doing?  
Do you wish you felt less stiff, sore, tense and tired?
I can help.

Is your recovery from an injury not going as well as you'd hoped*?
I can help.

Perhaps you’ve tried other kinds of therapy or exercise regimes to find a solution; they haven’t eliminated the problem, and you’re feeling understandably frustrated.
I can help.

Perhaps things have even got so bad that you find yourself staring nothing but a future of deterioration in the face.  I know all too well what that’s like.
I can help here too.

Maybe you'd simply like to improve a music, sports or other technique.  
I'd be happy to help.

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change.  Unlike any system of exercise, it’s about learning how to do less - to stop doing the things that are getting in your way, rather than trying to fix them by doing more things on top (which often just exacerbates the problem).  Sounds like sense, doesn't it?   We'd all love to change for the better; but it’s not always so easy. 
Here's where I can help.

With the Interactive Teaching Method of teaching, I can help you to work out where your problems lie and reason out solutions for yourself.  This makes for truer, lasting, continual improvement.

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I am a CNHC accredited teacher, and I am also ICO registered.

Frances is a wonderful, inspirational and sensitive teacher.

Hilary, RHS Gardener

I have had several Alexander teachers over many years: Frances stands out as being not only knowledgeable and skilled - she teaches with tremendous warmth, sensitivity, humour and a genuine interest in people. She is a great advocate and role model for the Alexander Technique and I highly recommend her.

Jenny, Occupational Psychologist