Frances Butt

Over the years I have worked in film production, screen composition, songwriting and performing.  In my forties I developed arthritis and needed a hip replacement.  A friend urged me to try the Alexander Technique.  I was so impressed after lessons with Simon Gore and an ITM Summer Workshop that I signed up to train as a teacher with Don Weed D.C.

The transformations I have experienced in myself, and those I frequently witness in other people, are truly amazing.  These days, I am rarely taken seriously by doctors because I move ‘too well’!  I have more energy, and I think and move much better than I did ten years ago.

I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children.  I enjoy writing and making music, and I love gardening.

I have had several Alexander teachers over many years: Frances stands out as being not only knowledgeable and skilled - she teaches with tremendous warmth, sensitivity, humour and a genuine interest in people. She is a great advocate and role model for the Alexander Technique and I highly recommend her.

Jenny, business psychologist

From my very first lesson Frances made me feel at ease. She articulates Alexander’s practices with real clarity, and has helped me to develop awareness of my 'bad habits'. As a result of her teaching there has been a distinct improvement in my singing tone and range.

Paul L, actor