Frances Butt

Over the years I have worked in film production, screen composition, songwriting and performing.  In my forties, sudden-onset arthritis led to a hip replacement, and I've been putting off knee replacements for as long as possible.  A friend urged me to try the Alexander Technique.  I was so impressed after lessons with Simon Gore and an ITM Summer Workshop that I signed up to train as a teacher with Don Weed D.C.

The transformations I have experienced and continue to experience in myself, and those I frequently witness in other people, are truly amazing.  These days, my arthritis is often not taken seriously by doctors because I move ‘too well’ - a mixed blessing, but I'll take that!  I certainly move better than I did ten years ago; and I no longer get the regular cricks in the neck that I used to.  My thinking is more measured and well-directed, and I enjoy greater confidence in my own powers of reasoning and judgment than I ever did before.

I am particularly fascinated in the ratio of (any given) ‘condition’ to ‘response to condition’.  You can't control what comes at you in life; but the Alexander Technique offers a mighty arsenal of mental tools and skills that will give you more control over your circumstances.  My admiration, wonder and passion for this work just keeps on expanding.

I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children.  I still enjoy writing and making music, and I love gardening.

I didn't know what to expect from this technique, but I was desperate to find something that could help me after being in a car accident that twisted my pelvis and not finding enough of a solution with the usual physio/chiropractic treatment.
 Frances explained everything beautifully and has such a calming manner… she managed to get me thinking about the way I move differently resulting in me crossing the room feeling stiffness and pain on the first attempt and then feeling lighter and freer on the second… nothing short of miraculous. I've been raving about her to everyone that will listen, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem or looking to to improve the efficiency of how you use your body, Frances will be able to help. She's wonderful.

Kirsty Northover, Professional photographer