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How many lessons do I need, and how often?

This depends entirely on you and your needs.  The Alexander Technique is a practice that needs a degree of commitment, just as people give yoga or martial arts.  We all love the idea of a 'quick fix', of course, but this is about continual, life-long improvement.  A course of 10 lessons is the very best start and will really cover Alexander's principles and concepts.  A series of 6 weekly lessons will still constitute a pretty decent start, and you can decide after that whether and how to continue.  

The advertising slogan for the board game Othello is, "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master."  So it is with the Alexander Technique; the longer you learn the more you improve.  I certainly still have lessons and derive enormous value from them.

What happens in a lesson?

We always work 'in activity', as you're always 'in activity' in life.  We start with the simplest activities like sitting, then getting up out of a chair and sitting back down again, and then on to walking and a variety of things you may do every day, e.g. driving, sitting at a desktop, writing, washing up, gardening, cycling, playing tennis or an instrument - you name it, we'll make a lesson experience for it!  

Which are better, one-to-one or group classes?

Group classes are a big feature of ITM teaching because:
having many kinds of interactions accelerates your learning; 
seeing how others move and change accelerates your learning; 
you have a lot of laughs in group class which also accelerates your learning!

One-to-one lessons are also excellent, however, and some people prefer to learn 'out of the gaze' of others. 
But whether you choose group or one-to-one classes, the Interactive Teaching Method involves helping you to think things out for yourself.

Do I need to wear anything special or bring anything?

No special clothes are needed.  After the first few lessons, if you wish to choose an activity that involves bringing something, for example a musical instrument or sports racket, you are very welcome to bring it along.

Please find costs below

Introductory Lesson 45-60 minutes

In this lesson I will introduce you to outline concepts, and then we’ll begin the interactive part.  This involves discussion and very delicate ‘hands-on’ interactions and manipulations. The latter are common to most lessons but not always inevitable; working with your thoughts and ideas is where you do most of the good work! 

It’s very hard to describe, especially as no two lessons are ever the same. Only with real experience does it all start to make real sense.  

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Come along with friends

Why not get together with a couple of friends and embark on this wonderful journey of discovery together?

Group classes are not only a brilliant way to learn - the ITM standard, in fact - they are also more affordable.

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  • £35p Introductory lesson: 45-60mins
  • £35 One-off 1-to-1 lesson: 45-60mins
  • £192 6 x 1-to-1 lessons: 6 x 30-45mins
  • £280 10 x 1-to-1 lessons: 10 x 45-60ins
  • £30pp Introductory group lesson: 60-80 mins
  • £150 pp 6 x group lessons (2 or more people): 6 x 60mins
  • £200 pp 10 x group lessons (2 or more people): 6 x 60 mins
  • Please get in touch Half day (3hr) or full day (2 x 3hr) workshops: (min. 8 people)